Legal Decision-Making: 3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself in Deciding if Joint or Sole Legal Decision-Making is Best in Your Situation

Often, parents fight over joint versus sole legal decision-making simply because they don’t understand what it is or what the law says about it. In fact, the term “legal decision-making” sounds more complicated than it is and also appears to apply to all types of decisions.  Yet, the definition under Arizona law reveals that legal […]

Child Support — 3 Tips & Strategies to Use with Arizona’s Child Support Calculator

    Child support, whether you’re obligated to pay it or entitled to receive it, is a very important issue in every case and determining the proper amount of child support is not always a straight-forward endeavor. The Arizona court system created a very useful tool called the child support calculator.  To access the calculator, […]

We’re Breaking Up, Who Gets My Kids? A framework for getting started with a child custody case.

Before I jump into the material, first — take a deep breath.  Whether you’re facing a divorce with kids or you were never married but have kids in common and your relationship has come to an end, breaking up isn’t easy, especially when it involves a complicated legal process. To be honest, the child custody […]