Legal Decision-Making: 3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself in Deciding if Joint or Sole Legal Decision-Making is Best in Your Situation

Often, parents fight over joint versus sole legal decision-making simply because they don’t understand what it is or what the law says about it. In fact, the term “legal decision-making” sounds more complicated than it is and also appears to apply to all types of decisions.  Yet, the definition under Arizona law reveals that legal […]

“But Judge, I Didn’t Know …”

The courtroom can be a pretty intimidating place.  Often, parents representing themselves don’t know where to stand, what to say, or may not even understand what’s actually going on. Given the complexity of the law and court procedure, certainly non-lawyers representing themselves are held to a lesser standard, right? Well, actually, no.  Self-represented parents are […]

We’re Breaking Up, Who Gets My Kids? A framework for getting started with a child custody case.

Before I jump into the material, first — take a deep breath.  Whether you’re facing a divorce with kids or you were never married but have kids in common and your relationship has come to an end, breaking up isn’t easy, especially when it involves a complicated legal process. To be honest, the child custody […]