Divorce is a Journey of the Soul

By Arizona Lawyer Julie A. LaBenz

Divorce turns everything upside down.

The familiar is now unfamiliar.

Disorder takes up what feels like a permanent residence.

A steady state of discomfort permeates … everything.

Although different circumstances lead to this point – the point where soul growth is only possible through breaking the promise to spend the rest of your lives together – chaos is the result.

Emotional, spiritual, day-to-day life chaos that’s complicated.

How exactly to do you fairly divide everything created by two souls united in matrimony?  From retirement benefits to pots and pans to children, it can seem like a million decisions need to be made to divide a life created together that’s hit a dead end. 

How do you effectively communicate when emotions are running so high and it seems impossible to see eye-to-eye?  What seems like a straight-forward conversation about how to split things up can quickly turn into a blame fest that pushes you further apart.

Divorce invites a plethora of opportunities for discord, thereby beckoning every divorcing spouse to ask themselves, “How will I get through this?

And that is the soul journey – the getting through.  Through the discord, through all of the changes, through the rebuilding of your identity, your life.

The pain and destruction of the divorce process reveals lessons your soul came to earth to learn and provides the opportunity to create a new life and a new you to accommodate this evolution. 

Open your heart.  Listen.  Take time to learn the lessons of your divorce as otherwise you will likely repeat the patterns that lead you to this point. 

Can you perceive each instance of discord as a message from the universe that confirms what you know in your heart or clearly illustrates for you that changes need to be made?  Can you completely shift your thoughts and feelings about conflict and begin to see conflict as an opportunity rather than an obstacle?

The legal term for soul journey is divorce.

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Julie A. LaBenz has been licensed to practice law in Arizona since 2006.  She is currently located in majestic Sedona, Arizona and focuses her law practice on divorce, estate planning and probate.  To discuss your case with Julie, call 928-284-0909.

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