Probate Administration

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Facing the loss of a loved one is challenging on many levels. For some families, probate administration is clear, relatively simple, and takes 4-6 months. For other families, probate administration entails uncertainty, formidable challenges, great expense, added heartache, and many months if not years to fully resolve.

Here at LaBenz Law, we understand you have particular needs during this tender time and we work to achieve a fair and efficient outcome on your behalf.

We handle both informal and formal probate matters in the Yavapai County Superior Court, Coconino County Superior Court, Mohave County Superior Court, and La Paz County Superior Court.

In informal probate administration, the interested parties resolve their disputes, if any, outside of court. The court appoints a personal representative to administer the estate. The personal representative (also known as an executor) collects the estate property, pays estate expenses and taxes, has the authority to sell estate property, distributes the estate property, accounts for the administration of the estate, and finally, closes the estate.

In formal probate administration, the interested parties file their disputes with the court. Formal probate disputes may consist of a will contest, a dispute over the heirs to the estate, a dispute over title to estate property, or creditor claim litigation (note this is not an exhaustive list).

At LaBenz Law, we have experience representing personal representatives (also known as executors), surviving spouses, heirs to estates, and estate creditors. Furthermore, we have experience representing clients in informal and formal probate cases.

Whether we work together or not, we wish you success with your case.

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