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We offer both full service legal representation and a membership site that explains the entire divorce process for those who represent themselves but know they need help with their case.

Understandably, divorce is a highly emotional process.  Without professional guidance, spouses often made decisions during their divorce they later regret.

Some make the mistake of giving in and agreeing to things that won’t serve them in the long run in exchange for “just getting it over with.”  Often, they end up going back to court, years later, asking for changes to things they could have fought for from the start.

Others unnecessarily dig their heels in, prolong the process and further deteriorate important relationships.  Given that there’s two sides to every case, spouses must find a way to work together to reach an agreement on all issues.  If they are unable to do so, then a judge will decide each disputed issue at a contested trial.

Are you and your spouse clear and on the same page that you want to resolve your divorce through an agreement and that you definitely do not want to go to trial?  For spouses who are able to constructively communicate, in part because they both want an efficient and fair out-of-court resolution, then you’ll want to learn more about Julie’s 90 day divorce package. Click Here for more information.  Interested in a 90 Day Divorce but not sure if it is right for you?  Click Here to take a free quiz to help determine if you are a good fit for a 90 day divorce.  Or, Click Here to sign up to receive a link to watch Julie’s free webinar entitled “How to Get Divorced in Arizona in 90 Days Without Stepping Foot in a Courtroom.”

If you’re not sure whether you and your spouse can resolve your case through an agreement or will need to go to trial and you’d like to learn more about the divorce process, then Click Here to receive a free copy of Julie’s e-book, The Divorce Action Plan, where Julie breaks the divorce process down into 6 steps in an effort to give readers a “big picture” perspective.  In the free e-book Julie also provides action items aimed at helping readers get their case started and moving in a constructive and strategic manner.  

Additionally, Click Here to sign up to watch Julie’s free webinar entitled “How the 6 Step Divorce System Can Help You Effectively Represent Yourself in a Divorce Case.”

Plus, don’t miss Julie’s free webinar entitled “Why you MUST Create a Vision of Your New Beginning Before Filing for Divorce” to get your mind right during the challenging divorce process (Click Here to sign up).

Prefer to speak with Julie directly about your case?  The common response Julie gets after speaking with someone facing a divorce is: “I feel so much better after talking with you.”  Would getting answers to your divorce questions result in you too saying, “I feel so much better now.”

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Julie currently accepts divorce cases heard in the Yavapai County Superior Court in Prescott and Camp Verde and select cases in the Coconino County Superior Court in Flagstaff.  Julie consults with clients on cases filed in all other superior courts in Arizona.

For those representing themselves in their divorce or who are working with or plan to work with a lawyer but would like more information about divorce in order to be more proactive with and informed about their case, Julie’s created her Help With Divorce Papers membership website. Click Here to learn more.

In the membership area Julie provides written and video instruction on her 90 Day Divorce Program and her 6 Step Divorce System, that shows spouses how to effectively represent themselves in an Arizona divorce case plus all of the court forms in a fill-in-the-blank format to provide full educational assistance to self-representing spouses.  To learn more about the 90 Day Divorce membership Click Here and to learn more about the Help With Divorce Papers membership Click Here.   

Whether we work together or not, we wish you success with your case.

Ready to discover how a 6 step divorce system can save time, money and hours of needless stress during the challenging divorce process?  Click here To receive a free copy of Julie’s e-book, The Divorce Action Plan, and empower yourself with useful legal information today