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JUlie_1If so, let’s talk and explore viable solutions to your legal needs. I excel at solving legal issues families often face, and that sometimes, tear families apart. Believe it or not, with the right professional skill and guidance, the court and legal planning processes can actually strengthen family relationships. Allow me to assist you in attempting to resolve your legal issues by leveraging my services to achieve your goals.

Check_mark Facing a divorce and need answers?

Check_mark  Caught up in a stressful child custody dispute?

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Check_mark  Need help navigating through the confusing probate process?

If so, consider my client-centered and results-oriented strategic approach to solving family-related legal problems.

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Are you facing a divorce? Getting case advice can reduce divorce drama & get a case on track to a fair & efficient case resolution

Child Custody

Caught up in a child custody dispute? Interested in creating a case strategy & opening an effective line of communication that leads to a case resolution?

Estate Planning

Ready to create an easy-to-understand estate plan to avoid probate, which is a court process that takes at least 4 months and can cost thousands? Click here to learn more


Need help navigating the confusing probate process? Consider my client-centered, results-oriented and cost effective strategic approach to resolving probate matters.

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