Undergraduate degree:  Vanderbilt University, magna cum laude, major: political science, 2002

Law school: Arizona State University College of Law, J.D., 2005

LaBenz Law PLLC, 2014-present: develop and expand a client-centered, results-oriented law practice with a strategic approach to legal planning and problem-solving.  

Churchill & LaBenz, Lawyer, 2012-2016: continued to expand and develop trial, negotiation and legal planning skills as a small town, general practice attorney.  During this time Julie prevailed in a custody matter in the trial court, Arizona Court of Appeals and Arizona Supreme Court, with her client also prevailing when the case was appealed to the United States Supreme Court.  Additionally, she had the opportunity to argue a case before the Arizona Court of Appeals (with her parents in attendance) and also prevailed in that matter.

Law Office of John C. Churchill, Lawyer, 2009-2012: represented clients in a small town, general law practice setting in the areas of estate planning, probate, criminal defense, divorce, child custody, real estate, business formation, contract disputes, landlord/tenant and more.

Flagstaff City Attorney’s Office, Assistant City Attorney/Prosecutor, 2007-2009: prosecuted misdemeanor crimes with an emphasis on DUI cases.  Case work entailed constant trial work, including several jury trials.

La Paz County Attorney’s Office, Deputy County Attorney/Prosecutor, 2006-2007: prosecuted felony and misdemeanor crimes and all child support matters filed in La Paz County wherein the state was a party to the case.

In the news

Julie was interviewed and quoted about one of her cases in ‘The Wall Street Journal’.  

Julie has appeared on:

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“I gave Julie the nickname ‘the bulldog.’ She earned that reputation with style and grace.”

accomplished criminal defense attorney and Superior Court Judge, Matthew Newman

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How it all began …

When I started practicing law I was 26 years old and couldn’t wait to get in the courtroom.  I spent the first three years of my career honing my trial skills by going to court on nearly a daily basis as a criminal prosecutor, taking pride in and doing my best to be a true minister of justice.

Yet, one day I realized I could use my legal skills to positively impact more people on a much greater level.  So I went big, in a small town. I hung my shingle in rural Parker, Arizona, with no idea of the adventure about to unfold.

From going to the Arizona Court of Appeals where I argued (and won) a unique and complex case about the extent of a mayor’s veto power over the town council’s ability to pass emergency legislation …

… To a child custody case where my arguments prevailed at every level: at the trial court, Arizona Court of Appeals, Arizona Supreme Court and then all the way to the highest court in the land, the United States Supreme Court (click here to learn more)!

I truly enjoyed practicing law as a small town attorney where I could have a positive impact on families that made a big difference in their lives and in the community.  

After years of vigorously advocating for my clients, one day my colleagues started calling me “the bulldog.”  

Although I excel in the courtroom, I’ve dedicated many hours to honing my negotiation skills, especially in high-conflict family situations.  When a problem seems exceedingly difficult, I enjoy the challenge of trying to find that fair resolution that brings closure to a stressful and difficult time in a client’s life.

In 2016, with a decade of practicing law under my belt, I decided it was time to focus more on my own family relationships and creating my ideal lifestyle.  

As a result, I relocated to eccentric and spiritual Sedona, Arizona, opening a law practice in the Village of Oak Creek.  I’m now much closer to friends and family in Phoenix and Flagstaff while still getting to enjoy the slower paced, small town lifestyle in what just happens to be one of the most magnificent places on earth.  

In addition to providing traditional legal services in Sedona and the surrounding areas, I also provide legal information products to assist people across Arizona who want to handle certain legal processes on their own.

I’ve created two affordable and highly informative legal information platforms to educate and empower people facing a divorce or child custody case in Arizona.  The legal information platforms are 100% on-line consist of written and video tutorials with step-by-step instructions and easy-to-use fill-in-the-blank court forms.

Since moving to Sedona I’ve started a family and am the proud mother of my son, Gabriel.  

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