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When a relationship comes to an end and the couple has one or more children together, the situation is much different than a break up where kids aren’t involved.

Rather than get to go their separate ways, ending all ties between them, couples with children in common have a lasting tie that binds them together forever.

They must find new ways to communicate with each other, figure out how they will effectively co-parent their children and hopefully not expend unreasonable amounts of time, money and stress doing so.

Establishing an effective co-parenting relationship usually requires both parents being willing to compromise and communicate, even if at a minimal level.

One key to achieving a successful co-parenting relationship is to create a detailed framework and ground rules that allow co-parents to peacefully co-exist as best as possible in their situation.

This requires drafting a workable parenting plan with sufficient detail so that the co-parents avoid or greatly reduce the amount of drama, arguments and efforts to put the child in the middle.

Establishing a workable parenting plan is step one. Parents must also figure out who must pay child support and the amount to be paid each month under the Child Support Guidelines.

Yet, getting a plan and support order in place that works with the facts and circumstances of the family at that time, does not mean that plan will properly serve the family forever.

Instead, over time things change, new opportunities arise, kids get older and it becomes necessary to make changes to the parenting plan.

Co-parents then face what can be a challenging issue of how to make changes to their custody court papers.

If the co-parents disagree with a certain request, then they face a contested modification case, which can be extremely expensive.

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  • parenting time
  • a parenting plan
  • child support
  • making changes to or enforcing a legal decision-making order
  • making changes to or enforcing a parenting time order
  • making changes to or enforcing a child support order
  • orders of protection
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How to use Arizona’s on-line child support calculator to estimate the amount of child support you may be entitled to receive or be required to pay.
How to create an effective and workable parenting plan that has enough details to help you avoid needless arguments with your co-parent
How the 6 step Case Closed DIY Divorce System can help spouses achieve a fair and efficient case outcome.

How the 6 step Case Closed DIY Divorce System can help spouses achieve a fair and efficient case outcome.

For those facing a Divorce, Julie’s created her 6 Step Case Closed DIY Divorce System.

casecloseIn Julie’s signature Case Closed DIY Divorce System she explains Arizona’s divorce process from start to finish, breaking it down into 6 easy-to-understand steps wherein Julie provides all the needed court forms in a fill-in-the-blank, easy-to-use format along with video tutorials explaining each form and each step of her 6 step process.  

Julie created her 6 step system in an effort to make a DIY divorce less confusing and give spouses the chance to feel more confident in facing what is likely an unknown and scary court process.

Now, those facing a divorce can gain access to legal information about the divorce process created by a divorce lawyer that’s tired of seeing spouses struggle trying to figure out how to get their case through the system from start to finish while also dealing with all of the emotions of a divorce.  

Julie’s system not only explains how to get a case started, but also walks through insider strategies for how to settle a divorce as well as steps to take to prepare for a contested hearing.  

Understand that the Case Closed DIY Divorce System is not a “lawyer in a box” as it is legal information only and was created to provide those facing a divorce case in Arizona with access to legal information about divorce law and procedure beyond what is currently available on the market and to provide a new resource to non-lawyers handling their divorce on their own.

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Custody_Strategy_SystemJulie designed her Comprehensive Package for those facing a highly contested divorce.  Those in Julie’s Comprehensive Program have set appointments to speak with Julie for an hour every week as well as unlimited direct email access to Julie.  

In the Comprehensive Program Julie handles nearly everything for the client including drafting and filing all court pleadings, engaging in settlement negotiations and also conducting all court hearings.  

Julie accepts clients into her comprehensive program on an application –only basis.  Julie offers her Comprehensive Package for a flat fee monthly amount that does not include any costs.  The monthly fee is determined on a case-by-case basis.  Apply now to see if you are a good fit for the program and, if so, Julie will send you a quote with a proposed monthly flat fee amount and an invitation to set up a phone conference to discuss your questions and how to get started.

Space is very limited.

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After handling several highly contested and super expensive probate litigation cases, Julie couldn’t help but conclude that these divisive legal battles could have been completely avoided if the family member that passed away had engaged in some very basic estate planning.  It was heartbreaking to see what the surviving family members had to go through, knowing all the expense and stress could have been completely (and pretty easily) avoided had the loved one just taken some relatively simple steps.

In searching for a solution to this problem, Julie created her Basic Estate Planning Protection Package and Avoid Probate Strategy Session to give families access to vital legal information plus individualized advice at affordable, flat fee prices.  Click here to learn more.

Julie is available to meet in person for a Basic Estate Planning Protection Package and Avoid Probate Strategy Session in Sedona, Flagstaff, Phoenix and the surrounding areas.  If you’d like Julie to meet with you at your home, please inquire as, often, Julie can accommodate meetings at the client’s home or other requested location.

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