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When a relationship comes to an end and the couple has one or more children together, the situation is much different than a break up where kids aren’t involved.

Rather than going their separate ways and ending all ties between them, couples with children in common have a lasting tie that binds them together forever.

This means they must find new ways to communicate with each other, figure out how they will effectively co-parent their children and hopefully not expend unreasonable amounts of time, money and stress doing so.

Establishing an effective co-parenting relationship usually requires both parents being willing to compromise and communicate, even if at a minimal level.

One key to achieving a successful co-parenting relationship is to create a detailed framework and ground rules that allow co-parents to peacefully coexist as best as possible in their situation.

This requires drafting a workable parenting plan with sufficient detail so that the co-parents avoid or greatly reduce the amount of drama, arguments and efforts to put the child(ren) in the middle.

Establishing a workable parenting plan is step one. Parents must also figure out who is obligated to pay child support and the amount to be paid each month under the Child Support Guidelines.

Yet, getting a plan and support order in place that works with the facts and circumstances of the family at that time, does not mean that plan will properly serve the family forever.

Instead, over time things change, new opportunities arise, kids get older and it becomes necessary to make changes to the parenting plan.

Co-parents then face what can be a challenging issue of how to make changes to their custody court papers.  If the co-parents disagree with a certain request, then they face a contested modification case, in which a judge decides all disputed issues at a contested trial.

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Julie currently accepts child custody cases heard in the Yavapai County Superior Court in Prescott and Camp Verde and select cases in the Coconino County Superior Court in Flagstaff.  Julie consults with clients on cases filed in all other superior courts in Arizona.

Julie can address custody questions related to:

  • Child custody
  • Relocation
  • Joint legal decision-making
  • Sole legal decision-making
  • Parenting time
  • Parenting plans
  • Child support
  • Making changes to (“modifying”) or enforcing a legal decision-making order
  • Making changes to (“modifying”) or enforcing a parenting time order
  • Making changes to (“modifying”) or enforcing a child support order
  • Orders of protection

For those representing themselves in their child custody case or who are working with or plan to work with a lawyer but would like more information about child custody in order to be more proactive with and informed about their case, Julie’s created her Custody Strategy System membership website.

In the membership area Julie provides written and video instruction on how to create an effective child custody case strategy, which is the foundation of all successful cases.  The membership area consists of video and written instruction on how to create an effective strategy and avoid come case pitfalls. To learn more about the Custody Strategy System membership and joint our email list, Click Here.  

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Whether we work together or not, we wish you success with your case.

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