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I hired Julie LaBenz after getting nowhere using the court forms, trying to represent myself. I wasn't seeing my daughter at all and it was breaking my heart. With Julie's help, things instantly changed. She opened a dialogue with my co-parent, immediately got me time with my daughter and then helped me set up a realistic and workable schedule that gave me consistent parenting time.

Jesse Ramos

In a world where most lawyers are fat and happy, Julie LaBenz is a breath of fresh air. Although she is strong, honest, and fiercely committed to justice, she is also reasonable, knowledgeable and puts her client’s needs before her profits. Julie always charged us fairly, and helped us to negotiate an agreement out of court which saved us a lot of stress, time, and money: money a less ethical lawyer would have preferred to take from us. Not only did we find her fair and affordable, but we trusted her completely. Her extensive insight, discernment, and determination left us feeling at ease in a very tense situation. Communication was always easy using emails, skype chats, and phone calls because we live a couple hours away. She was always prompt and courteous with our many questions and concerns. We highly recommend Julie LaBenz and are incredibly grateful to her and to those who referred her to us. Thanks Julie!

Concerned Father and Step-Mother


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