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Arizona Lawyer Julie LaBenz’s Approach to Estate Planning: Educate, Simplify, Protect Families

Sadly, some of the most highly contested and expensive cases Julie’s handled in her legal career involved family members who opted for the “Do Nothing” estate plan.

They figured everything would automatically go to a certain family member and they didn’t need to do anything. Everything seemed straight-forward to them and they assumed their loved ones would have no problems inheriting their assets following their passing.

Yet, unfortunately, things didn’t go that way. Without any documents indicating exactly what the property owner wanted to happen with the asset upon their death, other people came to court claiming the deceased person had made certain agreements or promises to them while alive.

Believe it or not, this type of situation (where others make claims they’re supposed to inherit certain property based on things a deceased person allegedly said while alive) can result in years of contested litigation, costing thousands of dollars and usually dividing families beyond repair.

Is it Time to Ditch your “Do Nothing” Estate Plan and Provide Your Family with Basic Protections?

Often, family members shy away from creating a plan for what will happen with their assets when they pass away because they don’t want to think about themselves or a loved one dying.

And, certainly, I agree.  That is depressing. Although thinking about dying is an aspect of creating a basic estate plan, it seems to be many people’s main focus.

It’s time for a mind shift.

Instead of estate planning being about the end of life, it’s possible to think about it as an element of asset ownership.

In fact, incorporating estate planning into asset ownership can save time, money and months of stress.

Arizona law provides various ways for owners of real and personal property to designate, within their form of ownership, the person or people to inherit the asset.

I’ve taken this estate planning tool and created a basic estate plan protection package around it.

Arizona Lawyer Julie LaBenz’s Basic Estate Planning Protection Package includes:

  • 60 minute Office Conference to work together to design your personalized basic package
  • Avoid Probate Strategy Session
  • Implementation Plan
  • Basic documents to provide protection:
    Financial Power of Attorney
    Health Care Power of Attorney & Living Will
    Last Will and Testament

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In addition to her Basic Estate Planning Protection Package Julie also provides the following estate planning-related legal services:

  • Trust review and trust amendments
  • Make changes to a last will and testament
  • Make changes to financial and health care powers of attorney and living wills
  • Estate plan review and implementation of requested changes

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